Information Technology Specialist

Pulse Consulting Services is a professional resource company for information technology professionals. It is our top priority to develop positive, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Twenty years of successful experience in automated information development and procurement. This includes the development of software and all phases of installation. Equally successful in supervision and coordination which includes conversions, interfaces, maintenance and on-going support.

We specialize in placement services to the information technology industry. Our founder has over twenty-five years of experience in the programming and consulting arena. We provide applicants from entry level to upper management positions. When you are seeking long or short-term contractors or permanent employee's, Pulse Consulting Services has the professional to meet your needs. We at Pulse look to partner with our clients to ensure a thorough understanding of not only their requirements, for themselves - top quality in cutting edge technology.

Our mission is to build relationships that breed success


Pulse Consulting Services

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